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What our “pals” say

I started Jogging Pals in Jan 2016. When I started these were the jeans I used to fit into (just!) I was over 17 stone in weight and slower than a snail.
I met some lovely people Glyn Rose, Wayne Singleton, Helen Pye, Ian Manderson and a few others.
I got rained on, snowed on and eventually got a dry night too!!! BUT despite nearly talking myself out of it I completed the 8 weeks. My finishes are legendary eh Wayne, but I did it and despite some wobbles I have carried on running. Mostly alone as my anxiety is worse when I am in a group as I feel I am holding people up etc. But I run and I love it now. I am 52 and still 5 stone overweight however I am shrinking and I am better at running every day. So keep at it when your 8 weeks finish. Go out and run you may bump into me the slow plodder say hi and plod along with me a while.
I enjoyed last night – I met up again with some good friends and yes Helen Pye I WILL SIGN UP FOR THAT 10K!
your JP friend Kathy xxxWhat our pals say
I’m going to try not to waffle but felt I needed to put this here.
A huge THANK YOU to Jogging Pals for helping me change my life.
Ten years ago I broke my ankle badly which stopped me doing much exercise so I got lazy and gained weight. I couldn’t even run across the road or I’d end up with pains in my ankle for days afterwards.
Six years ago I weighed 19 stone and started walking more when I sold my car. I dropped some weight then it stopped at 17 stone.
Just over two years ago I started a job in home care, working on foot I was doing strange hours and walking miles every day. Then I moved into a job in a nursing home and was in my feet for 12 hour shifts and had lost a lot more weight.
I had to stop working last June and realised weight was creeping on and I wasn’t as active. I was thinking about jogging when the Jogging Pals posted on local groups about the c25k course so I signed up.
It was hard work at first. Everyone was quicker than me, I struggled to notice any progress and I nearly gave up. No matter how slow I was Glyn, Wayne and Helen gave me nothing but encouragement and praise which kept me going.
In the final night of the course I jogged without stopping once for the full 5k and I was elated. By the end I’d realised I’m a tortoise. I’m slow but steady and I get there in the end.
This tortoise hasn’t given up. After 5 weeks of no running due to two colds I’m running again and today I did over 7k on my own.
I’ve discovered I’m not built for speed but I’m good at steady running so I’m working on distance. This week I’ve registered and got a place in the Great North Run! Who’d have thought a few months ago that I’d be entering a half marathon!Carla Richardson
What our pals say
What our pals say
What our pals say
What our pals say
What our pals say
What our pals sayI joined jogging pals in June 2016 and can honestly say it’s been amazing. Prior to joining jogging pals I was over weight and incredibly unfit. 9 months later I have lost 3 1/2 stone and now run 5k at least 3 times a week, I’ve joined jogging pals on a few of their guided runs and have made some great friends along the way. I’m currently on the improvers course and I’m looking forward to the 5-10k course. I would highly recommend jogging pals to anyone, I certainly haven’t looked back.

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