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Meet the Team

Meet the TeamWayne

Often found mucking about taking pics on runs, Wayne (re-)started running in his late 20’s, after getting out of breath going up some stairs at work (no joke, ask him the story!). Wayne gave up smoking and started running, just to the end of the road to start, and then further. Since then he’s run Great Manchester Run, Great North Run, New York marathon, London marathon, Lakeland50 and the Marathon des Sables (he rarely talks about his time in the desert though). Wayne is also part of the team behind Ultramadness. He is a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and Athletics Coach, Triathlon England level 1 coach, Trainee Mountain Leader and holds Emergency Care in Remote Environments.

Meet the TeamPaula

Joined us September 2016 for couch to 5k, before helping us pilot our 5-10k, Improvers, and 10-20k! Paula finds her kids are much better behaved when she runs ;). Since doing 5-10k, Paula has found she LOVES running on trails and is a big fan of races such as Daffodil Run (from our friends at NAV4 Adventure), Lakeland Trails Helvellyn, and the Grasmere Gallop.

Meet the TeamEd

Gallant Ed is so called for his gentlemanly behaviour when opening and closing gates. Ed joined us for couch to 5k in March 2017 and struggled for some time with shin splints. Showing huge determination, he’s kept at it and can now be found plotting ridiculous routes on the trails and fells for us!

Ed is a UK Athletics Coaching Assistant

Meet the TeamGlyn

Glyn is the mastermind behind jogging pals, and is an England Athletics Run Leader and Coaching Assistant, Trainee Mountain Leader and also holds Emergency Care in Remote Environments. After giving up smoking, Glyn started running with Wayne and has subsequently done the Great Manchester 10k, Great North Run, New York Marathon, Lakeland50 and Spine Challenger. Also part of the team behind Ultramadness.

Meet the TeamKelly

Previously one of the amazing team behind the running group Ulverston Wolves and a Run Leader with Walney Wind Cheetahs in Barrow. Kelly started running in 2013 after surviving walking the Keswick To Barrow and losing weight in the process. Ran Great North West half marathon, and was a member of the fastest ladies team home K2B the following year, (and didn’t die!!). She’s run Chester, Brathay and London Marathons, Great North Run, Whinlatter 10k, Ulverston Half Marathon. And she likes a hill.

Meet the TeamHelen

Or PyeTours, as she loves excursions on muddy paths and trails, but it doesnt always go to plan (mostly cos she cant see properly and wont wear her glasses for running!)…. Helen started running with us in January 2015 and hasn’t looked back. She’s since run events like Grasmere Gallop, Borrowdale trail half marathon and Lancaster trail half marathon. She joined the team in September 2016 and is an England Athletics Run Leader.

Meet the TeamEric

He’s majestic, he’s called Eric, He’s MajestEric! Eric is a Run Leader and Mountain Leader.  He came to us from Helm Hill Runners in Kendal where he was a Run leader for 5 ish years, and coached juniors for about 8. Races include Borrowdale and Buttermere but he’d rather just run for fun. Or eat cakes. Doesn’t really like running in town but he can be found supporting our couch to 5k every now and then. He likes playing outside in lots of activities but mostly photography.

Meet the TeamCheryl

Joined us in June 2016 for couch to 5k before becoming a Run Leader. Cheryl originally started jogging to help her lose weight (see our testimonials page for more info!), get fit and meet people. Famous for her Death Stare when Wayne makes her do too many hills. Loves Wipe The Snot as it helps prevent her getting a stitch. Cheryl’s done the Damson gin 10k, Langdale Xmas pudding 10k, KMF 10k and the Liverpool 1/2 marathon. Currently on maternity leave!