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Cancellation Policy

Our focus is very much on getting people through our programmes, and helping create habits around activity. However, we know that life sometimes gets in the way, and illness, injury or family stuff sometimes means you can’t continue with a programme. We’ll therefore try and be as reasonable as possible if you let us know that you can’t carry on for whatever reason. As a rule – if you’re on an 8-week programme and get as far as week 4 or 5, you won’t need to pay again for the next programme. However, you must let us know that something’s happened!

From time to time, we might need to cancel sessions – either through adverse weather or illness of our coaching team. We’ll ALWAYS do this on social media, and by emailing you through the address you provided on booking with RunTogether. We’ll always offer at least one alternative date for you to do the run, whether that’s another programme in the same week, or by extending the entire programme by a week. Please note however, that we don’t offer a refund.

Consent for taking pictures

By booking with us, we ask that you provide your consent for us to take pictures during sessions that we may then use for promotional purposes, including social media. Our primary purpose for doing this, is to inspire other people to undertake activity. We quite often see people suffering a lack of body confidence who think they can’t jog but we reckon that almost everyone can complete a 5k run in 8 weeks if they are committed and put the effort in. We are really proud of everyone that we’ve supported in achieving this and therefore love to shout about everyone’s achievements as it encourages others to start.

If you object to us using your image for any reason, please let us know and we’ll vet them appropriately (this includes removing them from our social media channels and website).

Health & Safety

Jogging Pals endeavour to keep you as safe as possible during our activity, but the nature of our training environment means we can’t control everything so you need to take care of yourself too!  We ask you to take reasonable care of yourself and other Pals, and not put yourself in situations where you may be at high risk. We always undertake dynamic risk assessments, as well as pre-activity risk assessment and will make participants aware of anything in particular to look out for.

Medical conditions

You must tell us of any medical condition which may have a bearing on your ability to undertake the physical activity you have booked with us. You also have a personal obligation to advise us of any issues you may have during the activity. If you do not tell us of any conditions, we presume that you are able to manage the session you’re attending.

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