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Couch to 5k

Our super popular couch to 5k is what we’re best known for as we’ve had over 400 people achieve the distance with us!

Over the course of 8 weeks you’ll be led through a walk/jog programme to jog 5k non-stop in week 8. The programme gradually decreases the amount of time spent walking, and increases the time spent jogging as the weeks go by.

The cost is £45 for the 8 week programme, and we lead you through one run per week. We’ve found that to be successful you need to jog three times a week, including the session with us, so we give you two sets of ‘homework’ to do!

Another key to success is enabling you to ‘pal up’ as the weeks go by, to train with other people who may live close to you, and to make friends. The social aspect of jogging is massively important to us, and we make a lot of friends through this, and so will you!

If you’re interested in couch to 5k, you can book via the link at the bottom of the page.

Locations: Kendal, Ulverston, Carnforth, Lancaster,

£45 for the 8 week programme