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We deliver a variety of different programmes to help you achieve your running goals from couch to 5k upwards. You’ll usually run with us once a week, and then, depending on the programme, we may give you two or more sets of homework to do yourself.

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Couch to 5k

Our super popular couch to 5k is what we've become known for locally. We've now had over 400 people achieve the distance with us!

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5k Improvers

Over the course of 8 weeks, we do a variety of running activities to help people improve over the 5k distance.

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5k to 10k

Over 6 weeks, we gradually increase the distance from 5k to 10k, doing more running on different terrain and in different locations, to help people gain confidence.

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10k to 20k

Over 8 weeks, we'll gradually increase the distance from 10k in week 1, to 11/12 miles in week 8.

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20k to 30k

4 week programme to increase your mileage from 20-30k and equip you with skills to get to marathon distance.

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