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Couch to 5k

Our super popular couch to 5k is what we’ve become known for locally. We’ve now had over 400 people achieve the distance with us!

Over the course of 8 weeks you’ll be led through a walk/jog programme to jog 5k non-stop in week 8. The programme gradually decreases the amount of time spent walking, and increases the time spent jogging as the weeks go by.

The cost is £45 for the 8 week programme, and we lead you through one run per week. We’ve found that to be successful in the programme you need to jog three times a week, including the session with us, so we give you two sets of ‘homework’ to do!

One of the keys to our success is enabling people to ‘pal up’ as the weeks go by, to train with other people who may live close to you, and to make friends. The social aspect of jogging is massively important to us, and we make a lot of friends through this, and so will you!

If you’re interested in couch to 5k, you can email us

Locations: Kendal, Ulverston, Carnforth, Lancaster,

£45 for the 8 week programme

5k Improvers

Over the course of 8 weeks, we do a variety of running activities to help people improve over the 5k distance. The sessions will all be in an urban environment.

Duration: Generally these sessions last 45-60 minutes including warm up and post-run stretch. We’ll do some of the following (activity may vary, below is just an indication). The names are deliberately vague 😉

Week 1 – Bangerz n Mash
Week 2 – Meet & Retreat, one of our ‘favourite’ sessions
Week 3 – Lamp posts!
Week 4 – Jack & Jill

Week 5 – Sooper Dooper Cooper Test

£50 for 8 weeks



5k to 10k

Over 6 weeks, we gradually increase the distance from 5k to 10k, doing more running on different terrain and in different locations, to help people gain confidence. Most of this programme will include trails – you’ll be ok in road shoes to start with, but trail shoes will definitely help.

We expect that people joining us on this programme are comfortably able to run 5k on the flat on roads. People must also have waterproof jacket, hat, gloves and a head torch, and be able to carry a drink with them.

Duration: The sessions build in time from around 45 minutes to around 2 hours including warm up and post-run stretch. Locations also may vary so it may involve a drive of 30-40 mins.

£50 for 6 weeks

10k to 20k

Over 8 weeks, we’ll gradually increase the distance from 10k in week 1, to 11/12 miles in week 8

Note – you won’t actually achieve half marathon distance, it’s to prep you for an event 1 to 2 weeks after finishing.
Most routes will be out and back, to help us manage safety. We’ll try to do a mix of trail and road, but this will depend on numbers (higher numbers mean it’s more likely we will need to be off road).

You’ll also get some ‘virtual coaching’ as we’ll set up a WhatsApp group, and give you a general training plan to follow each week.

You’ll need a head torch that is suitable for use running off road. as well as be able to carry a drink, bring a coat, and potentially (weather depending) hat and gloves

Cost £100 for the 8 week programme


20k to 30k

4 week programme to increase your mileage from 20-30k and equip you with skills to get to marathon distance. What’s included:
1 x guided 20k run
2 x ‘mobile checkpoint’ runs where we plan route
1 x mobile checkpoint run where you plan route with other Pals
4 week training programme
Virtual support via Whatsapp or Facebook messenger group
Supported route planning session, where we’ll help you plan your 30k route
Support on nutrition and hydration

Cost is £120 or £80 if you pay monthly or £70 for Pals Platinum

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