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10k to 20k

Over 8 weeks, we’ll gradually increase the distance from 10k in week 1, to 11/12 miles in week 8

Note – you won’t actually achieve half marathon distance, it’s to prep you for an event 1 to 2 weeks after finishing.
Most routes will be out and back, to help us manage safety. We’ll try to do a mix of trail and road, but this will depend on numbers (higher numbers mean it’s more likely we will need to be off road).

You’ll also get some ‘virtual coaching’ as we’ll set up a WhatsApp group, and give you a general training plan to follow each week.

You’ll need a head torch that is suitable for use running off road. as well as be able to carry a drink, bring a coat, and potentially (weather depending) hat and gloves

Cost – £100 for the 8 week programme

Also – COMING SOON – 20-40k programme

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