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5k Improvers

Over the course of 8 weeks, we do a variety of running activities to help people improve over the 5k distance. The sessions will all be in an urban environment. These sessions usually have a huge difference in ability attending – it’s important to realise that it’s about measuring your improvement, rather than measuring yourself against others who are attending.

Duration: Generally these sessions last 45-60 minutes including warm up and post-run stretch. We’ll do some of the following (activity may vary, below is just an indication).

Bangerz n Mash – otherwise known as Fartlek or speedplay
Meet & Retreat, one of our ‘favourite’ sessions, where we pair up and run opposite directions around a circuit before returning to start point
Lamp posts – similar to Fartlek
Jack & Jill – Repeats running up and down a hill, with short recovery in between

‘Kenyans’ – Slight variation on hill reps, where you maintain fast pace going up hill, then on a flat, and recovery on downhill.

1000m Reps – repeats of a 1k distance at the fastest effort you can manage

Cooper Test – a benchmark to show your VO2 max

£50 for 8 weeks

5k Improvers

5k Improvers