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Running Survey

Posted on 21st August 2020

It was good to hear what YOU wanted when we carried out our survey last month. We
had hundreds of replies from all around the country, and it’s clear you still have a
passion for running. It proved to us that there’s great enthusiasm for the Lakes as a
centre for all kinds of running, not just the ultra-endurance efforts we’ve seen this

The responses showed that you have a real spirit of adventure, and when the time is
right, we’ll look at organising some guided runs in some European countries, as you
requested. We also hope to organise some trips for the parkrun tourists among you;
after all, we do have some of the best parkrun routes right here in Cumbria.

What would YOU like us to organise for you? Weekends, mid-week breaks, guided
runs: you tell us, and we will see if we can make your dreams come true.

One other request emerged from the survey, and that was for personalised coaching
plans, that is, schemes which are tailored specifically to YOU, looking at where you
are now, and where you want to be. We can offer these online, to keep you training
through the months ahead.

So get in touch. Reply here, or send us a message via Facebook. Keep watching our
Facebook page for the latest news (while we get the website updated) and make
sure ALL your friends like us. Not just runners, but those who might have wanted to
start running, and just didn’t know how to get started.